Creative Destruction




A free Fortnite-style battle royale that won't disappoint


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Creative Destruction is a battle royale clearly inspired by Fortnite, where up to 100 players fight to survive on an island full of weapons. And as in other battle royale games, only one person will be left standing... unless you're playing in teams, in which case up to four players can win.

Gameplay in Creative Destruction is practically identically to PUBG or, more specifically, Fortnite. You can use your main weapon to get resources from the scenario, breaking down whatever you run into: cars, buildings, trees, or whatever else. With these resources, you can build all kinds of structures, including walls, roofs, floors, and ramps. If you play smart, you can create some pretty spectacular structures in just a few seconds.

As you play, you can take advantage of an enormous arsenal with all kinds of shotguns, pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles, and assault rifles, each one available in various colors to indicate its rarity. You can also use energy shields, first aid kits, grenades, and other items, all of which will help you survive.

As in other battle royale games, as you play, you can earn coins and experience which you can then use to get new clothing to personalize your characters or even unlock unique skins for your weapons.

Creative Destruction is an excellent game that more or less lives up to all the other games in this genre. The graphics aren't quite as good as those in Fortnite, but they're not far off, either. Now it just remains to be seen if this game can gather enough traction by attracting players to fill up games (instead of relying on too many bots).